The Vineyard

A large part of the vineyard controlled by the winery is placed in the Axarquía, area characterized by its steep slopes, shale soils, where Moscatel de Alejandría grape is grown in centenary old vines which produce no more than 1 kg/plant.

The winery also manages some vineyards in Montes de Málaga and Ronda. In Montes de Málaga area we find an orography very similar to Axarquía, growing Pedro Ximénez and Romé grapes. Syrah and Petit Verdot grapes grow in Ronda, area with climatic contrast and limestone and clay soils.


Related to Axarquía, in 2018 Muscatel raisin was acknowledged by The Organization of the United Nations for Food and Agriculture (FAO) as a World Agricultural Heritage Resourceful System (SIPAM). This appreciation means an important impulse to a traditional crop united to the terrain, to the culture and to the economy of the zone.

The conditions under which we work, the impossibility of mechanization, the low margin of profits and smallholding lead us to catalog these traditional cultural practices as heroic viticulture. The maintenance of the land with scarce tillage, the steep slopes and the decomposing slate as an indispensable element to obtain an extraordinary quality in the collected fruit, are differentiating signs of an agricultural system that has been maintained generation after generation since ancient times.