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Varieties of grapes used
Moscatel de Alejandría
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The grape variety Moscatel de Alejandría is grown in the sun-struck area of Axarquía (eastern part of Málaga), a mountainous region with impressive rugged hills on soils covered with decomposing shale. The climate is warm and dry. The grapes are picked manually and kept in crates. Immediately after the vintage, the grapes are laid out on drying mats to toast in the sun during about two weeks. Once the desired sugar concentration is reached, the partially dried grapes are taken into the winery for its pressing. A traditional basket press is used to obtain a must rich in sugars. Then, the must will ferment very slowly in stainless steel tanks equipped with temperature control, until it reaches an alcohol level of 1 or 2 degrees, before its fortification.

Maturing and aging:

24 months in underground tanks and 36 months in barrels of american oak.

Analytical characteristics:

15 % vol. Residual sugar 300 g/l.

Organoleptic characteristics:

Dark amber. Very powerful nose with dried fruit flavors, toasted grapes, raisings, honey. Very sweet in the mouth although not excessively, unctuous, tasteful, and with an acidity in balance with the sugar contents. The final touch is nice and long-lasting.

How to serve:

Serve between 12 and 14º C.

Zumbral prizes:

  • Guía Peñín: 90 points 2021
  • Gold Medal: Premios Zarcillo 2021
  • Muscats du Monde: Medalla de plata 2021
  • Gold Medal: International Marbella Wine Awards 2019
  • Gold Medal: Premios Mezquita 2019
  • Guía Peñín: 90 points 2019
  • Guía Peñín: 90 points 2018
  • Gold Medal: Premios Mezquita 2017
  • Gold Medal: Premios Vinduero 2016
  • Gold Medal: Premios Mezquita 2016
  • Great Gold Medal: Premios Mezquita 2015
  • Gold Medal: Premios Arribe 2015
  • Gold Medal: Premios Mezquita 2014
  • Gold Medal: Premios Palacio 2014
  • Premio Palacio: Best wine chosen by the public 2014
  • Diploma: 92+ Gold taste wine Up Club
  • Silver Medal: Premios Arribe 2010
  • Silver Medal: Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2010
  • Gold Medal: Premios Zarcillo 2009
  • Great Gold Medal: Cinve 2008
  • Gold Medal: Premios Palacio 2008 Torremolinos (Málaga)
  • Gold Medal: Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2008
  • Great Gold Medal: Premios Bacchus 2008
  • 1st Price: “La nariz de Oro” 2008
  • Medalla de Plata: Premios Zarcillo 2005
  • Silver Medal: Salón Internacional del Vino Iberwine 2005
  • Silver Medal: Salón Internacional del Vino Iberwine 2004
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