Rujaq Andalusí Trasañejo

rujaq_andalusi_nType of wine:
Vino Tierno Moscatel Trasañejo

Appellation of Origin:

Varieties of grapes used:
Moscatel de Alejandría (Moscatel de Málaga)

0,50 l

Wine from the variety Moscatel de Alejandría, cultivated on the Axarquía hills, which slaty soil produces superior quality grapes.
The grapes are picked by hand and are laid out to dry in the sun on the “paseros” until its optimal graduation is obtained. The sun-dried grapes are then brought to the traditional “capachas” press, to obtain a grape must with a high sugar content, followed by a very slow fermentation process.

Maturing and aging:
10 years in American oak casks.

Analytical features:
Actual alcoholic strength by volume of 15% Reducing sugars: 300 gr./l.

Organoleptic characteristics:
Iodine tone with amber background, sweetness of candid fruit, spicy. Flavoured in mouth, fleshy, persistent and well-balanced.

How to serve:
To be served between 14 and 18º C. As a dessert wine.


  • Guía Peñín: 90 points, 2019
  • Great Gold medal: Premios Mezquita 2017
  • Gold medal: Premios Mezquita 2016
  • Great Gold medal: Premios Mezquita 2015
  • Gold medal: Premios Mezquita 2014
  • Gold medal: Premios Mezquita 2010
  • Silver medal: Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2010
  • Silver medal: Premios Bacchus 2010
  • Gold medal: Premiso Arribe 2009
  • Gold medal: Premios Zarcillo 2009
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